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Go-FOC Retro ------Based on official version VESC4.12 3-12s -- From Maker-X

Go-FOC Reto


Shipping list:
Go-FOC Retro    x   1
XT60+ Plug (Male and female)  x  1
4MM bullets connectors (Male and female)  x   6
PH2.0MM JST wires   x   5
Micro USB data line    x   1

Voltage Rating:8-60V(3-12sLIPO )  

Current Handling: 

50A continuous with no additional cooling

100A continuous with additional cooling box.

Hardware: V 4.12

Firmware: V3.63


PCB: 60*91*16.5MM (Including capacitor height)

Cooling BOX : 95*65*18.5MM  (Including capacitor height)



The Go-FOC Retro is based upon the VESC-Project.

VESC is a registered TM, owned by Benjamin Vedder !