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X-Odrive upgrade! Hardware version 3.6


The dual motor drive controller X-Drive is a high performance brushless motor controller, which can drive the brushless motor accurately. Applications include robots, automation projects, AGV and other scenarios to control brushless motors.


  • Controls two motors.
  • 54V version
  • Peak current >100A per motor.
  • Continuous current depends on cooling: Details.
  • Encoder feedback for arbitrarily precise movements.
  • Supports two braking modes:
    • Brake resistor.
    • Regenerative braking.
  • Optional use of a battery means you can achieve very high peak power output with only a modest power supply.


  • USB -- Custom protocol, open source
    • PC, RaspberryPi, etc.
    • ROS node (coming soon).
  • Step/direction -- Existing motion controllers
  • UART -- Arduino (with library), mBed, etc.
  • Servo PWM/PPM -- RC Recievers, Arduino, etc.
  • CAN -- Synchronise multiple ODrives (coming soon)
  • Some general purpose digital and analogue pins


  • Many types of command modes
    • Goto (position control with trajectory planning)
    • Position commands
    • Velocity command
    • Torque command